Dina Tokio is the inspirational Muslim beauty vlogger. She lives between her two worlds of her religion and modern day style. Commissioned as part of YouTube’s #CreatorsForChange program, Dina trusted us to tell her story: #YourAverageMuslim. The series aims to challenge stereotypes and highlight inspirational and unique Muslim women having an impact on the world around them. 

During the 4-part series, Dina meets everyone from a world record holder powerlifter to a prison rehabilitation worker and delves into their experiences as Muslim women in their professions. Dina explores all sides of these women's lives including career choices not normally made by Muslim women but also, how their faith has shaped their choices to begin with.

Inspired by her own family's passionate debates and the thousands of comments left on her YouTube channel, Dina starts the series off by exploring the different interpretations of a shared religion and how these viewpoints can differ even within a close family unit. 

Instead of shying away from these differences Dina chooses to address them head-on by meeting a variety of unique women who have taken motivation and inspirations from Islam for a variety of different reasons and choose to have their faith empower them rather than restrict  who they are and what they do with their lives. 

Regardless of your faith or gender, this series aims to entertain and educate by offering stories of people doing great things motivated by positivity and compassion.