The Narrative is a digital production company and entertainment studio. We’re the pioneering company behind BBC Worldwide’s first-ever digital series. We create premium digital content, integrating it into our own and existing 3rd Party IP. Every project we create is built on the foundation of our data driven processes, unrivalled understanding of online audiences and the platforms where they spend time. We build loyal communities around our IP and turn to these communities to test and iterate new ideas. Currently, we have exciting projects with MGM, Warner Bros, and the BBC.

We are also creators of TTP, the Trust to Transaction Playbook, a digital strategy process developed over the last 7 years with our experience in: 1) Facebook Games & in-game transactions; 2) YouTube channels extending to merchandise; 3) Our adventure travel series with BBC Worldwide, which included merchandise and events. The TTP is the foundation of our projects.


With a background mix of premium content and digital experience, we have created a new development process called 'Agile Production'. We refine the development and production process through an iterative approach based on data and feedback loops, which means we can create content faster, better and cheaper. 

“The Narrative’s founders have taken a leaf out of the Silicon Valley playbook and define this ultra reflexive production methodology as ‘Agile Production’ after the agile development strategies beloved of tech start-ups.” 

- As covered by MIDiA Research, A Top Independent Research Firm