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A brand new mini-series, commissioned by BBC Three, tackles one of the most hard to talk about topics through exploring the different sides of porn and how it has effected the lives of three individuals. 

What I Wish I'd Known About Porn brings together a feminist porn director, an ex porn-addicted pastor, and a porn actor using his videos for sex ed.

Candid testimonies reveal nuanced, contrasting experiences, taking us on a highly emotional journey through three personal stories. Is porn a healthy part of sexual exploration or a dangerous addiction? Sexual liberation or sexist objectification? Increasing intimacy or tearing relationships apart?

Meet the experts...



Paulita Pappel: Feminist Porn Director/Actor

Raised as a second wave feminist, she was told that porn is a form of patriarchy made to exploit women. However, she always had a fascination for it which led her to scout out the safe way to create porn that empowers women. 'Sexuality is empowerment, it was my calling in life to make porn'. 

Watch Paulita's episode here.




Rob Joy: Ex Porn Addicted Pastor

Praised for his bravery, Rob speaks out on how he would take drugs daily, but with Porn - he was binging. From the accessibility and being exposed to it from a young age, he wishes he could eradicate porn completely.

Watch Rob's episode here.



Jason Domino: Sex Ed Porn Star

Struggling to come to terms with his sexuality due to his faith, Jason tried to ‘cure’ himself by using porn before accepting himself and becoming a porn performer. Realising the lack of sex education in schools, especially for the LGBTQ community, he now uses his videos to educate others about sex.

Watch Jason's episode on the 6th June on BBC Three's YouTube Channel.


Produced by: The Narrative

Casting Director: Rachel Forbes

Producer: Giles Cowan

Commissioning Editor: Laura Marks

Executive Producer: Nick Hayward

Directed and Edited by: Giles Alderson

Special Thanks to: Paulita Pappel, Rob Joy & Jason Domino