Should you start up (SYSU) is the fastest growing startup resource dishing fresh advice, new perspectives and inspiring videos for the new digital generation of entrepreneur. We create daily content across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for our growing community, and produce awesome documentary profiles on leading voices in the Start Up world.

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A fresh approach to business advice 

There is a new wave of entrepreneurs and they value very different things than GenX. They value impact over unicorns, hustle over privilege, and wellness over all-nighters. These entrepreneurs are 23-37 years old. They are passionate, diverse and innovative, yet traditional businesses have a hard time reaching them. There is mistrust with the banks. University lectures are theoretical, not practical. Business magazines are great at speaking to 50-year-olds, not 30-year-olds. There’s a major disconnect. SYSU provides true business substance in a way that connects with a growing audience in a way the stale startup content currently on offer cannot. It is the fastest growing new business brand, a community of millennials who want to start up.

The Story & Advice of... Alex Depledge

Alex Depledge shares her honest (and sometimes brutal) advice to those wanting to startup - whilst walking through the House of Vans skatepark. Normal right? Watch here.


Business Outsider

Immigrants, foreigners, small business owners…or entrepreneurs? These hustlers share their stories on childhood, lost dreams, starting up and the odds against them. 


Owning It

Owning It celebrates the mistakes, lapses in judgement and errors that we never hear about but are bound to occur when running a startup. 

Entrepreneurs aren’t these infallible heroes, they all make mistakes. Sharing those mistakes and owning up to their hubris or errors in judgement gives us great lessons in personal growth. We’ll learn that these failures lead to bigger and better decisions and how to move forward following a fall. 

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Digital Influence. Business Influence. Over Dinner. 

On the one side are the digital influencers. Everyone knows their impact: millions of fans, millions of dollars and fast rising fame like we’ve never seen before.  On the other side are business professionals. They are investors, advisors and run multi-million dollar companies. They earned their stripes through the grind of business. 

But these two sides don’t always see eye-to-eye nor do they speak the same language. 

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