Many of us may be aware of the war against rhino poaching. Having always known of the challenges facing rhinos in her home country of South Africa, Nicole Eddy teamed up with her boyfriend and Filmmaker, Ben Brown to visit a rhino habitat and experience it first hand.

It was on this journey that the reality of the situation became apparent and a new passion was born.

Rhino horn is one of the most expensive commodities on this planet, overtaking gold and platinum with buyers paying up to $95,000 a kilogram. Demand for rhino horn is at an all time high, being used as ornaments, jewellery and medicine. This demand means an average of 10 poachers enter Kruger National park each day. However, thanks to the efforts of Unite Against Poaching, the number of poached rhino has continued to decline over the past 3 years and continues to do so. 

Partnering with Great Big Story and Rhino Tears, Ben and Nicole travelled to the largest population of rhino in South Africa, Kruger National Park, to learn more about the war on poachers and what measures are being taken to protect the rhino population, sharing their story through film to bring awareness to the issue and how to support the incredible efforts being made.

One of the most effective methods, currently being used, is the use of tracking dogs who sniff out arms and ammunition to hunt down poachers. The time taken to track and catch poachers has been reduced from days to hours, and with success rates going up, it's clear to see these dogs play a vital role in saving this beautiful species.


Director and Storyteller: Ben Brown
Storyteller: Nicole Eddy
Cinematographer and Editor
Producer: Matthew Miszczak
Grade: Greg McCahon
Executive Producers: The Narrative