Over the last five years, we have worked with an amazing group of forward thinking partners. Together, we’ve launched new Digital Fitness brands and helped tackle the challenges of teenage anxiety on Body Positivity. As the digital ecosystem is constantly evolving, we’re adapting in how we work.



Some of our most innovative projects are with our partners such as Red Bull Gaming’s New Reality Series, PayPal’s Adventure series Pole to Pole and our latest with SEGA’s breakout hit Persona 5. What’s unique about our branded projects is that community must be at the heart of every show.



From Mission Selfie, BBC’s first-ever digital series to Vlune our Kickstarter-funded 26-episode comedy series, the Narrative has a history of taking big bets on “too-fresh for TV” ideas and innovative business models. Our shows are rarely just good concepts, they always include community building, events and merchandise connecting with the fans.