We’re incredibly excited for this next chapter of The Narrative as we look to add incredible talent, expand our knowledge base and break new ground in digital entertainment. If our goal is to redefine the industry, we believe in creating a company culture that helps us do that.


  • Passionate about our work - We believe we are some of the luckiest people in the world, working on franchises we only dreamed about as a kid. Everyone has a healthy obsession about the work, process and most importantly - the fans.

  • Passionate about The Narrative - What we’re setting out to do is ambitious , but we have the chance to change the industry forever. How cool is that?

  • Day 91 - It’s easy to get excited during the first three months of a project when everything is fresh, but the real challenge is keeping the energy on Day 91. We support, push and inspire each other to re-energize our passion long-term…no really, it’s what we call our Energizer sessions!


  • Startup Tested - Our team has experience working for huge companies, but our skills come from years of multiple VC-backed startups. We have to do things differently. We will only succeed if we’re more nimble like David against the Goliath studios.

  • Thirst for Knowledge - We’re obsessed with film, television, communities and digital media. Co-founder Nick Hayward was even one of the authors of the YouTube Playbook when he worked for Google.

  • Lateral Thinking - We encourage everyone to explore their passions deeply. The answer for digital content might sit within travel, fashion or video games. Go ahead, climb that mountain or compete in that tournament!


  • Goal obsessed - We love the buzz we get when we’re crossing things off our lists. In fact, we even sync our journals (physical and digital, oh yes) to help each hit their goals.

  • Relentless Drive - We believe excellent work requires dedication, focus and sacrifice, but in our experience, it always pays off.

  • Unwavering Excellence - We have a natural competitiveness to be great as we are trying to move a big dial. Enjoying the challenge is all part of it.