Rio Ferdinand | FIVE on YouTube


Rio Ferdinand was a Champion footballer, former captain of the most respected club in the world. But the career of an athlete is extraordinarily short, and in 2015 Father Time caught up with Rio. Now what?

“It was like being taken up to the highest mountain peak to see the view, and then being brought down, never to be there again.”
– Shane Gould, 3 x gold medallist 1972 Munich games


Rio explores the stories of 10 athletes and their struggles post-retirement. The immediate aftermath isn’t glorious. Many struggle to fit back into society. Some have failed friendships and marriages. But this isn’t just a sob story, it’s about the heart of a champion.


“Think of what these people develop! Tenacity in dealing with failure, setbacks, perseverance. These skills are very transferable in other aspects of life.” – Doug Gardner, Sports Psychologist


And that’s the story Rio looks to uncover. These are the stories, where former athletes may have fallen, but because of who they are, can muster their competitive spirit and channel it into a second career, eventually reaching their next podium.