#MissionSelfie is a new adventure photography show featuring YouTube creators and Instagram photographers Ben Brown and Steve Booker which originally aired exclusively on BBC3 iPlayer. If you love travel, photography and epic adventures, you can now purchase the full series or individual episodes globally on iTunesVimeoGoogle Play and Amazon.

Unlike other photo missions where photographers can take their time to scout locations and take photos, Ben and Steve are challenged to do it like everyone else - over a weekend. 

With just 48 hours in 5 vastly different destinations, their photography and decision making skills are put to the test as they try to capture their travels in the best way possible. 

Mission Selfie was an entirely original production, developed and produced by The Narrative as a commission for BBC3. The crew went from filming dolphins jump out of the Scottish sea to capturing the dizzying view from the top of the Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest building in Dubai.
Ben and Steve's following brought in a strong viewership for the online series, which had particular success on iTunes, reaching the number 1 spot in the chart for it's genre!

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