When we first jumped into internet media in 2003, it was truly the wild west of ad-hoc ad networks, microsites and portals. Even in 2015 when we first launched The Narrative, the industry was still in a huge state of confusion on how to break even, let alone become highly profitable. 

Today, the commercialization of digital content and the tools that support the ecosystem have matured greatly. Good producers will make plans for content to be shot on wide screen, adapted to 1:1 Square and optimized for Vertical screens on mobile, but we go one step further. 

As players who have been in this space since the birth of YouTube (literally as a team member at Google), we have unmatched experience in entertainment and sports sponsorships, mass volume clipping of shows and block ad-sales packages. We’ve done this with the hardest-to-reach influencers as well as major studios. We’d love to partner with you.



Our partnership with MGM moved from a content, commercialization and member benefits strategy using our Trust to Transaction Process, into repackaging the library content to distribute through a new subscription platform: Stargate Command. We run Stargate Command with weekly content, CMS, community management in combination with the YouTube channel.


Should You Start Up (SYSU) is the fastest growing startup resource dishing fresh advice, new perspectives and inspiring videos for the new digital generation of entrepreneur. We create daily content across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for our growing community, and produce awesome documentary profiles on leading voices in the Start Up world.


#MissionSelfie is an adventure photography show featuring YouTube creators and Instagram photographers Ben Brown and Steve Booker which originally aired exclusively on BBC3 iPlayer.