‘Food’ is one of the most discussed topics at The Narrative so when our adventure filmmaker Ben Brown asked to make a documentary-short on this subject, we didn’t hesitate to get researching. Historically, when food was once scarce, we conditioned ourselves to seek out what was most fatty and sugary in order to survive; however, we no longer face those harsh realities. We now live in a time where 'finding the next meal' is incredibly convenient from the innovations of mass produced fast food.

Unfortunately, these convenient choices are made with the fat, sugar and artificial flavours our bodies crave, leading to a variety of health issues. Can we find an answer that satisfies our human instinct for taste, yet also contributes to a healthy lifestyle?

We sent Ben to Costa Rica to learn firsthand from Henry Karczynksi, an expert in organic biodynamic spices, about his feelings between people and the food they eat. What we discovered is that the answer to our relationship with food might actually lay in our relationship with nature.


Director and Aerial Cinematography: Ben Brown | YouTube: benbrown100 | Instagram: mrbenbrown
Editor, Cinematography and Story Development: Adrian Bliss | YouTube: adrianbliss
Producer: Charly Cox | Blog: stylethenatives
Assistant to the Director: Matthew 'SP' Miszczak | Instagram: sliceofmatt
Executive Producers: The Narrative