#MissionSelfie is a new adventure photography show featuring YouTube creators and Instagram photographers Ben Brown and Steve Booker which originally aired exclusively on BBC3 iPlayer. If you love travel, photography and epic adventures, you can now purchase the full series or individual episodes globally on iTunes, Vimeo, Google Play and Amazon.

Unlike other photo missions where photographers can take their time to scout locations and take photos, Ben and Steve are challenged to do it like everyone else - over a weekend. 


Because the team had such an incredible time researching, traveling and taking epic photos, we really wanted the community to have a great experience too. We created the ultimate guide (with updates coming!) for you to adventure out on your own Mission Selfie trips. There are 3 major 🔑 ingredients to a great 📷 mission.

1. Every Great Trip Begins With the Squad

It’s all about the journey, not the destination. Instead of being so quick to take a photo of yourself, we want to encourage you to turn the camera around, take in the grand view and make a memory with your friends. Finding the friends with the right vibes is so important, and the perfect place to start planning.  

For the series, we assembled our own squad from a mixture of old friends and new, blending together a sweet mix of skills in filmmaking, photography and good times. Everyone was on top form to help capture those gram-slams. 

2. Ok, It’s A Little About The Destination

We had the chance to visit some amazing locations and made sure it was possible to go on an incredible photography mission within 48 hours - the perfect holiday weekend. To add an even richer texture to the adventure, we planned visits to locations that would include a variety of weather conditions and terrain: from snow and mountains, to heat and deserts; we experienced everything and absolutely loved it. 

El Hierro, Canary Islands

Berlin, Germany


Isle of Mull, Scotland

Dubai, UAE

3. The All-Important Playlist

It’s all about those musical vibes. Whether it’s a killer track to get you amped for the mountains or a chilled song to lead you through the desert, a great track is key to setting the right mood for an adventure. In filmmaking, music does the same thing. 

Beautiful shots and epic footage are great, but what really ties a project together is the music. For #MissionSelfie, we wanted to make sure to feature incredible up-and-coming artists who chose to showcase their art on digital platforms, just like we have done with film and photography. We used artists who primarily distribute through YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

We've compiled a list of all of the #MissionSelfie music here. If you loved the show, make sure to check out all of these incredible artists. We couldn't have done it without them!

Akouo SoundCloud | Twitter 

AndreaLo | SoundCloud

Atølla | SoundCloud | Facebook

Constance SoundCloud | Facebook

Eeves SoundCloud | Facebook 

Flamingosis | SoundCloud | Twitter

Greybox | SoundCloud | Instagram 

Iglomat | YouTube | Bandcamp | Facebook

K+Lab SoundCloud | Website | Twitter 

Khalil Madovi | SoundCloud

Lost Thoughts SoundCloud | 

Mango Swell | SoundCloud | Facebook

Original.Sky | SoundCloud

Rhano | SoundCloud | 

Stillsound | SoundCloud

Tiber | SoundCloud | Twitter

Tom Rosenthal | YouTube | Twitter

Trei Ricketts SoundCloud

WoodzSTHLM SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram 

Woolookologie |SoundCloud | Twitter