When we launched The Narrative last year, we were focussed on a million things from setting up a company to putting together the right team. This year, we’ve been able to focus on our passion projects and music is one of our favourite areas. 

For our first jump into music, we were excited to partner with YouTube Music and private members club The Tape, for the event series ‘On The Rise’. 'On The Rise' brings together the biggest and freshest names in music and YouTube. We were also invited to attend the show which had some really exciting musicians blowing us all away! We’re eagerly awaiting the next event in the series.

Above is the invite we filmed, with some incredible spoken word from our boy Suli Breaks and some beautiful London footage shot by the talented Adrian Bliss.


Nightlife: Suli Breaks | YouTube: sulibreaks | Instagram: sulibreaks
Producer: Nick Hayward | Instagram: hicknayward | Twitter: hicknayward | Snapchat: hicknayward
Editor: Jake Evans | Instagram: javaknees | Twitter: javaknees
Camera: Adrian Bliss | YouTube: adriansomething | Instagram: adrianbliss | Twitter: adrianbliss
Photographs: YouTube Creators: | Twitter: YTCreators
Music: WoodzSTHLM - Underwater (Feat. Flores & Olle Grafström)(Nude Remix): | Soundcloud: nudemusic