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How does the digital generation get fit? Through Instagram of course. MTV Fit is the re-imagining of the Fitness DVD for the digital generation.

Last year, we created the first premium exercise series for MTV's new fitness brand. We created dozens of fitness videos, galleries and tips to help people achieve their fitness goals.

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In our second round of fitness videos, we took the learnings from the community to give them something even more helpful.

First, we integrated even more MTV talent to connect them closer to the TV and Web series they love most.

Next, because of the lack of a scrollbar on Instagram's videos, including the workouts as part of the intro wasn't as efficient for the users. We modified our first video in the gallery to be energetic, fun and inspirational intros and separating out the workout.

Finally, we looked at how users were using these Instagram workouts and what tips were most effective in order to truly native mobile workouts. To help the community, we created split screens within one image to show users the details of before and after workouts with the idea to help guide them on their form.

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It's been an incredible journey creating fitness content for Instagram and we can't wait to jump into more projects for sports and nutrition using our experience in fitness.