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This Modern Love might be a book written by a YouTuber, but it’s not just any other YouTuber book.  

Published by Penguin Random House, This Modern Love is a crowdsourced book of letters, emails, Instagram photos and Tweets that encouraged anyone to express their desires, fears, resentments and thank you's into one collection, and the response was overwhelming. 

We received 15,000 stories throughout the entire process. Material was submitted from 98 different countries, and if you think it was only a young generation, you couldn’t be more wrong with our oldest contributor being 81 years old!


It was an honour to help with this project and we couldn't be happier for it making The Sunday Times Number One Bestseller!

It's been a long journey and we are so happy to see so many of you enjoying This Modern Love. If you are looking to purchase you can find it in most local bookstores and online, check out some links below!



Hardback & Paperback: Amazon

Hardback: Waterstones
Paperback: Waterstones

Hardback: WHSmith


Hardback & Paperback: Amazon
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